Imam Muhammad Ndiaye

Imam Muhammad Ndiaye is originally from Senegal in West Africa. He was born in the city of Thies in 1975. He currently holds a B.A in Education and American Literature and Civilization. He earned his B.A from Cheihk Anta Diop University, one of the most renowned universities in Africa.

Imam Muhammad was born into a lineage of renowned scholars on both sides of his family. His maternal grandfather, Sheikh Sultan Abdul-Hameed Toure’ was a Mauritania Arab. In the 1940s Sheikh Sultan Abdul-Hameed Toure’ partnered with El-Hadji Hussein Djite’ and founded one of Thies’ first and biggest Qur’an school. Sheikh Sultan Abdul-Hameed Toure’ was also the Imam of a well respected Masjid in Thies, Senegal.

The Sheikh started Imam Muhammad on the memorization of Qur’an at the tender age of four. By age thirteen, Imam Muhammad Ndiaye completed the memorization of the Qur’an with Ijaaza from Sheikh Libasse Ndoye in July 1988. In the summer of 1988 Imam Muhammad Ndiaye finished his first tafseer studies of Qur’an. He then traveled to a village in Linguere called Ndindi. There he furthered his studies in Fiqh and Shari’ah under the leadership of Serigne Thierno. He later studied in the Dokhobe village under the guidance of his paternal great-uncle, El-Hadji Soce Ndiaye. El Hadji Soce Ndiaye was a well known Sheikh throughout the entire country. Imam Muhammad spent his summers dividing studies between the Dokhobe and Ndindi villages from 1988-1992.

From 1990 to 1994 Imam Muhammad studied at the Jamaa’atIbaadu Rahman Foundation in Senegal. This Islamic Institute was established by the governments of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and was the first of its kind. Jamaa’at ‘Ibaadu Rahmaan Foundation strived to spread the correct Aqeeda and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) in Senegal.

While attending this great university, Imam Muhammad completed intensive courses that focused on tafseer of Qur’an and Ahadeeth. He completed the courses with Ijaza books of hadeeth such as Bulugh Al-Maram, Riyaadh Us Saliheen and Imam Nawawi’s 40 Hadeeth. Being a speaker of Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Wolof, he landed a position in the United States. In 1999 he arrived in Edina, MN as a French teacher. During his stay, he began his journey as Imam of the Senegalese Community in Minneapolis, MN. In 2001 he accepted a position with the Indianapolis Public Schools, specializing in ESL (English as a Second Language) for Hispanic students. He adapted Masjid Al-Fajr as his place of worship and was later commissioned as a khateeb. Acting as a khateeb, at and on behalf of Masjid Al-Fajr, allowed him to blossom into a well respected and highly demanded speaker. He then accepted the position of Imam at Masjid Mumineen in 2003.

Imam Muhammad Ndiaye’s Teachers

Sh. Abdul-Hameed Toure’, ‘Alim – Faqeeh
Sh. Hussein Djite, ‘Alim – Faqeeh
Sh. Libasse Ndoye, ‘Alim
Ustadh Aliou Gueye, University of Madinah graduate
Sh. Dr. Ahmad Lo, University of Madinah graduate and lecturer/Former student of Albani and Bin Baaz
Al Mufti El-Hadji Moustapha Gueye, Qaadi-Mufti, Mufassir

In 2006, Imam Muhammad Ndiaye founded Al-Haqq Foundation on the Westside of Indianapolis. Al-Haqq Foundation began as Indianapolis’ first Qur’an school and focuses on different sciences in Islam. The weekend school services children in the field of Qur’an memorization, tajweed, Arabic and more.

Al-Haqq Foundation also provides free weekly classes for adults on Fiqh, Arabic and Siraa, etc. Imam Muhammad’s previous vibrant speaking abilities resulted in a high demand for him to return to the mimbar again. This resulted in Al-Haqq Foundation blossoming into a Masjid, as well as a Qur’an school. Through its popularity, Al-Haqq Foundation outgrew two previous locations and currently hosts approximately 500 worshippers for salatul ju’muah. Imam Muhammad Ndiaye has held the position of Imam for several congregations thus far. He has also given khutbas and lectures all across the country. May Allah bless our Imam and continue to guide him, ameen.

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